Being a human-centric NFT collection we are proud to represent every human, everyone is welcome and has a voice. Currently, our world is quite hectic and full of controversy, however, we can all agree on one thing no matter what, WE ARE ALL HUMANS! This is why it is important to us to shed light on controversial topics by bringing our ART & STORYTELLING to create mindfulness around technological addiction among many other topics. This universe is a perfect playground for people to reflect on our current world by being heavily inspired by books such as "1984", "Hitchhiker's guide through the galaxy" among other authors, sci-fi movies from the 90s etc. Besides taking inspiration from books, we also dove deep into the UNIVERSE.25 research conducted by John Calhoun, however, we wanted to flip the scenario on its head and become the test subject rather than us testing on mice. His research was complex, scary, and fascinating. We are passionate about our message and we hope that we can be a platform to reflect on us as a human species, all while having fun!



Max | <b>The Janitor</b> 
 Project Lead

Max .25

The Janitor Project Lead

Flavio | <b>The Procurator</b> 
 Lead Artist

Flavio .25

The Procurator Lead Artist

George | <b>The Architect</b> 
 Lead Dev

George .42

The Architect Lead Dev

Ivan | <b>The Archivist</b> 

Ivan .25

The Archivist Investor

Knockers | <b>The Mistake</b> 
 Project Manager

Knockers .25

The Mistake Project Manager

BanjoBob | <b>The Intern</b> 
 Community Manager

BanjoBob .25

The Intern Community Manager

Daniel | <b>The Sociologist</b> 
 Lead Writer

Daniel .25

The Sociologist Lead Writer

ADHO | <b>The Supplier</b> 

ADHO .25

The Supplier Artist

Sleeve | <b>The Mechanic</b> 

Sleeve .42

The Mechanic Dev



Dr. O'Brien, or simply O'Brien, as he insists to be addressed, requires no introduction, but if you have been living in a cave for the last decade, this is a synopsis. O'Brien is, first and foremost, a visionary. A bright and generous mind that will do what has to be done in order to improve our lives and society. The meek and the envious have always hounded O'Brien, accusing him of the most incredible things, from human trafficking and corporate espionage to financial fraud and even murder. All nonsense, of course. The typical charter surrounds all self-made billionaires. O'Brien has been part of many fruitful humanitarian endeavors, like the Peacekeeper machines used by police departments all over the world and the CryptoServanz App, which revolutionized the world's gig economy. He is now the founder and CEO of Universe Laboratories, his final venture into the future of mice society.



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